Pilot projects in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, PA are underway in 2018!


In Fall 2018, Plant Five for Life will work with Friends of South Side Park and Hilltop Alliance to provide resources for 10-15 trees to begin the restoration of a path and hillside, which the community would like to dedicate to the newborns of their community.

This section of planting will be the first segment of a path intended to wrap the rim of a valley in South Side Park and is envisioned to represent yearly progression and growth of community over time. Plant Five will work with the community to obtain permits, plant the trees, tell the story of the path, outreach to parents and newborn community members and design an ongoing maintenance, care and engagement strategy. The Friends Group have already prepared the ground by removing a significant amount of invasive plants from the area, seeding with low cover and monitoring for emergent invasive plants.