Founder As a systems thinker and regenerative practitioner, Christine Graziano has worked managing and directing projects in planning, design and education in the private, academic and non profit sectors and at various scales from residential to regional, and in urban to suburban and rural environments. She has earned degrees in Environmental Studies from SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry (Bachelor of Science) and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania where she also completed all coursework for a dual-degree in Natural Resource Management. She is Board member and Land Protection Committee Chair for a local land trust. 

Christine is also trained as a doula and actively engaged in mother’s groups throughout the city. She lives with her five-year old son and husband in the East End of Pittsburgh, PA.

For the past four years, she has been planting and caring for trees throughout her immediate neighborhood and with her neighbors as part of the state-wide TreeVitalize street tree program.  

Board of Directors  Our Incorporated Board brings local, national and international depth and guidance. Dr. Tom Crowther, Crowther Lab and Scientific Advisor to the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign – Plant for the Planet; Ms. Melanie Beck, Founder and President, Beyond Spots and Dots; Susan Somerville, VP of Clinical Transformation, Northwell Health; Lindsay Wood, Public Health Professional and Consultant; and Vesela Tanaskovic, CEO, Afforest4Future

Plant Five for Life is a member of the Pittsburgh GreenSpace Alliance, Allegheny GreenWeb, Alliance for Community Trees and is inspired by the Blue Economy and ZERI Network