There are numerous ways to help provide a gift of five trees to the newest members of our community. You can be:

  • An Individual Friend (sponsor trees for a child, a week of children, a month or year)

  • A Property Host (restore and improve your land and provide a home for these trees)

  • A Municipal or Neighborhood Friend (we will work with you to identify the best places to plant in your community)

  • A Corporate Friend (meet your mission and/or volunteer with us - request a sponsorship packet)

  • A Health Care Community Partner (bring this program to your health care environment)

  • Volunteer at Events with Us


  • JOIN THE TEAM with your skills, knowledge and interest areas for even a few hours a week. We can accommodate a range of interests.

  • SPREAD THE WORD! Join us on Facebook or Instagram.

  • DONATE!*

There are many ways we can move this vision forward together - and ones we haven't thought of yet! If you don't see something above that suits you and have other ideas or need more information, please reach out to us.

*Plant Five for Life is a 501(c)3 non profit organization with incorporated Bylaws and Board of Directors. Your donations are tax deductible.