There are numerous ways to help provide a gift of five trees to the newest members of our community. You can be:

  • An Individual Friend (sponsor trees for a child, a week of children, a month or year)

  • A Property Host (restore and improve your land and provide a home for these trees)

  • A Municipal or Neighborhood Friend (we will work with you to identify the best places to plant in your community)

  • A Corporate Friend (meet your mission and/or volunteer with us - request our sponsorship packet)

  • A Health Care Community Member (bring this program to your health care environment)

  • Volunteer at Events with Us


  • DONATE! to our just launched local crowdfund for children arriving in Pittsburgh or simply do so through our fiscal sponsor's donation page. Your donations are tax-deductible*.

  • JOIN THE TEAM with your skills, knowledge and interest areas for even a few hours a week. We can accommodate a range of interests.

  • SPREAD THE WORD! Join us on Facebook or Instagram.

There are many ways we can move this vision forward together - and ones we haven't thought of yet! If you don't see something above that suits you and have other ideas or need more information, please reach out to us.

*Plant Five for Life is a registered non-profit entity with fiscal sponsorship and incorporated Bylaws and Board of Directors. We are fiscally sponsored by New Sun Rising, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, so your donations and grants are tax deductible through their administration. We believe that fiscal sponsorship is the most responsible interim step before pursuing our own 501(c)3 status and as we hear back from you!