Plant Five Workshop at ALL THOSE Food Market in Barcelona, Spain

It is holiday time and in Barcelona, December means the proliferation of creative food markets throughout the city.

On December 2nd, from 16:00-17:30, Plant Five will co-host a collaboratively created workshop with SlowMov coffeehouse and La Seta en Cafe

Using coffee waste, we will demonstrate how participants can grow mushrooms. Each participant will leave with a 'Grown Your Own' kit and a little know how about the role of mushrooms in our forest ecosystems and how to grow them at home. 

Please find us at All Those Food Market, Museu Maritim de Barcelona in December!

Data published in Nature show impressive images and provide detailed information about the current status of our forests

by Tom Crowther from the Yale School of Forestry and the environment

"We’ve nearly halved the number of trees on the planet, and we’ve seen the impacts on climate and human health as a result,” Crowther said. “This study highlights how much more effort is needed if we are to restore healthy forests worldwide.” We now how a baseline for what we have and what is needed and where it will be best to focus our efforts.

Mapping tree density at a global scale (PDF Download Available).

From the same Nature paper, this video summarizes their findings in a moving and clear visual display.

It’s a simple question: how many trees are there on Earth? The answer required 421,529 measurements from fifty countries on six continents. Now this new data has been combined to produce a stunning visualisation of our planet as you’ve never seen it before.

School charges ‘planting trees’ as fee by guardians

In a unique initiative, a school in Chhattisgarh’s Ambikarpur area is providing primary education to students on a meagre payment of planting a tree sapling as fee. The facility has been provided to parents of students who cannot afford to pay school fees.

India Plants 50 Million Trees in One Day, Smashing World Record

Although the feat has yet to be certified by Guinness World Records, Indian officials have reported that volunteers planted a whopping 49.3 million tree saplings on July 11, blowing past the previous record for most trees planted in a single day.