The Project

Plant Five For Life is an organization that connects children and families with nature. Our core program aims to honor life, shift cultural focus and INSPIRE a sense of obligation to plant in all generations; a goal aimed at reversing the global trend of deforestation. 

The work begins in Pittsburgh, but is a replicable County and State model and applicable nationwide. In collaboration with area birthing centers and hospitals, five trees will be gifted to every newborn, marking the start of new life. Depending on family preference, the trees may be picked up and planted within the first year after birth at sites in or near each child's neighborhood or planted in proxy by our network of partners. The project allows each family to track and engage with the seedlings growth alongside that of their child. 

The 'newborn' planting locations within our network are synchronized with stated community development goals and broader city and county watershed and reforestation objectives. They are also chosen for their proximity and ability to provide support for other family and social services. The planted sites are protected in perpetuity.

Our Inspiration

Recent research by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies demonstrates that we have lost 46% of the earth's tree cover since the start of  human civilization. 

If every person on the planet planted 5 trees per year for the next 40 years, we could reverse this trend and see a net gain  globally.


How You Can Help

We are early in our first phase and raising funds for operational support. Our partners include Allegheny Land Trust, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, LandForce, GTECH, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Allegheny Watershed Alliance and Ethos Collaborative.   Plant Five for Life is a member of the Pittsburgh GreenSpace Alliance. 

Our growing Advisory Board members are Dr. Parkinson, Senior Director for Health and Productivity, UPMC Health Plan, Dr. Tom Crowther, Professor, Yale School of Forestry and Scientific Advisor to the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign – Plant for the Planet and Ms. Melanie Beck, Founder, Beyond Spots and Dots. 

Join us!  Launch date and first planting generation expected in 2017-18.